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Receive Bonus Warranty on selected Laundry Appliances

Purchase a selected laundry appliance during the promotional period and receive up to 5 years Bonus Warranty via redemption with Designer Appliances

  • Offer Starts: 13th May 2021
  • Offer Ends: 23rd May 2021
  • Redemption Cut-Off: 2nd June 2021

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Eligible Models

BFL853ADW 716621 Beko 8.5KG Front Load Washer with Autodose
BFL103ADW 716625 Beko 10KG Front Load Washer with Autodose
BDP83HW 716659 Beko 8KG Hybrid Heat Pump Clothes Dryer
BDP710W 817488 Beko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer
BDP810W 762055 Beko 8KG Heat Pump Clothes Dryer
BFL8510-W 810113 Beko 8.5KG Front Load Washer White
EWF9043BDWA 756488 Electrolux 9kg Front Load Washer With Ultramix Technology
EWF1042BDWA 756489 Electrolux SensorWash 10kg Front Load Washer
EWW7524ADWA 756491 Electrolux 7.5/4.5KG Front Load Washer Dryer Combo
EWW1042ADWA 756522 Electrolux 10kg/6kg Washer Dryer Combo
EDH903BEWA 762128 Electrolux 9kg WiFi Enabled Heat Pump Dryer
EDH803BEWA 805384 Electrolux 8KG Heat Pump Dryer
EWF1041ZDWA 806561 Electrolux 10kg AutoDose Front Load Washer
EDH803CEWA 814405 Electrolux 8KG Heat Pump Dryer
WA8560G1 657124 Fisher & Paykel 8.5KG WashSmart Top Load Washer
DH9060P1 753958 Fisher & Paykel 9KG Heat Pump Clothes Dryer
WH9060J3 803469 Fisher & Paykel 9KG QuickSmart Front Load Washer
WA1068G2 809541 Fisher & Paykel 10KG WashSmart Top Load Washer
DE8060P3 814503 Fisher & Paykel 8KG Condenser Dryer
WH1160S1 817172 Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer
DH8060P3 814501 Fisher & Paykel 8KG Heat Pump Dryer
WH1060S1 816996 Fisher & Paykel 10KG Front Load Washer
WV5-1408W 802157 LG 8KG Front Load Washer
WV7-1409W 802159 LG 9KG Front Load Washer
WV9-1409B 809609 LG 9KG Front Load Washer – Black
WV9-1412W 808014 LG 12KG Front Load Washer
DVH5-08W 808012 LG 8KG Heat Pump Dryer
DVH9-09B 809610 LG 9KG Heat Pump Dryer – Black
WV5-1275W 802156 LG 7.5KG Front Load Washer
SWT1154DCWA 804228 Simpson 11KG Top Load Washer