Zip G5 Cashback Offer

Up to $300 Cashback with Zip Residential G5 Hyrdrotaps

Purchase a Zip Residential G5 HydroTap during the promotional period and receive up to $300 Cash Back via redemption with Zip.

  • Offer Starts: 1st June 2021
  • Offer Ends: 30th June 2021
  • Redemption Cut-Off: 31st July 2021

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Eligible Models

Eligible for $300 Cash Back: H55783Z00AU, H52783Z00AU, H53783Z00AU, H54783Z00AU, H55784Z00AU,

H52784Z00AU, H53784Z00AU, H54784Z00AU, H57783Z00AU, H57784Z00AU

Eligible for $200 Cash Back: H55787Z00AU, H52787Z00AU, H53787Z00AU, H54787Z00AU, H55788Z00AU,

H52788Z00AU, H53788Z00AU, H54788Z00AU, H58787Z00AU, H59787Z00AU, H58788Z00AU, H59788Z00AU

Eligible for $100 Cashback: H55785Z00AU, H52785Z00AU, H53785Z00AU, H54785Z00AU, H55786Z00AU,

H52786Z00AU, H53786Z00AU, H54786Z00AU, H58786Z00AU, H58786Z00AU, H59786Z00AU