AEG Double Everyday Kitchen Offer

Save up to $10,000 on selected AEG Kitchen Packages

Purchase selected AEG kitchen appliances and save 10% when you spend $5,000, 15% off when you spend $7,500 and 20% off when you spend $10,000 or more. Offer applied at point of purchase.

  • Offer Starts: 29th July 2021
  • Offer Ends: 6th September 2021

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Eligible Models

60cm Ovens: BEK455310M, BPK552220M, BPK556320M, BPK722910M, BPK742320M, BPK94733PT, BSK774320M, BSK97733PT, BSK99733PT
45cm Compact Ovens: KMK761000M, KSK99733PT, KSK782220M, KMK96708PT
Vacuum Sealer & Warming Drawers: KDK911423T, KDK911424M, KDK911424T
Built-In Microwave: MBE2658DEM
Induction Cooktops: IAE64851FB, IAE84851FB, IAE84881FB, IDK84454IB, IKE63471FB, IKE95471FB, IPE64551FB, IPE64571FB, IPE84531FB, IPE84571FB
Gas Cooktops: HG60FXA, HG674550VB, HG90FXB, HG975550VB
Gas on Glass Cooktop: HVB95450IB
Ceramic Cooktops: HK654070XB
Rangehoods: DBE7980HB, DCE5280HM, DGE5160HM, DGE5660HM, DGE5860HM, DGE7660HB, DGE7960HB, DPB5650M/A, DPB5950M/A, DVK6981HB
Fully Integrated Dishwashers: FSE92000PO, FSE69200RO
Semi-Integrated Dishwasher: FEE83701PM
Built-Under Dishwashers: FFE72731PM, FFE72800PM
Freestanding Dishwashers: FFB72600PM, FFB72746PM